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Video – Let’s Spell Purple



Let’s Spell Purple is a charming and funny Learn-along Video designed to help your preschoolers spell the color word purple. See the description and video sample tabs below for more details.

The Video comes in three standard video formats. You can choose from iPhone/smartphone, iPad/Mac/tablet or Windows.

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Product Description

Video – Let’s Spell Purple

Let’s Spell Purple tells the story of a boy who loves everything purple. Well, almost everything. Find out what happens when his little brother decides to paint something purple! The video contains color illustrations, photographs and clearly printed text that correspond to the lyrics in the song. You and your preschoolers sing along and spell along while simultaneously seeing the words and letters you are singing. So….while your kids think they are just playing and singing, they’re actually learning new stuff! Clever!

PE 5D-12

The video comes in three universally standard formats: iPhone/smartphone, iPad/Mac/tablet or Windows


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