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PowerPoint – Let’s Spell Yellow


Let’s Spell Yellow is a bright and cheerful Learn-along PowerPoint designed to help your preschoolers spell the color word yellow. See the description tab below for more details.

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Product Description

PowerPoint – Let’s Spell Yellow

Let’s Spell Yellow follows the amazing adventure of a group of friends that travel around the world in a flying bus. Along the way they encounter several things that are yellow. But does the bus really fly? Included are two PowerPoint shows. One is a self-running PowerPoint, just open it and it automatically plays the show and the song. The second is a self-paced manual PowerPoint.


The self-running PowerPoint

The song automatically plays in sync with the slides that are programmed into the self-running PowerPoint show.  Each slide contains color illustrations, photographs and clearly printed text that correspond to the lyrics in the song. You and your preschoolers sing along and spell along while simultaneously seeing the words and letters you are singing. So….while your kids are enjoying the show, they’re learning new stuff! Sneaky!

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The manual PowerPoint

This PowerPoint allows you and your little ones to control the pace of the show. Manually click a slide to move to the next slide. Back up or skip forward. Read with your children. Discover new words. Explore and talk about new ideas, places and things. Slow down and spend some time with your little ones….

*Note – The best way to play the PowerPoint show is on a computer that has Microsoft Office PowerPoint software installed. If you don’t have Microsoft Office PowerPoint software that’s ok. Try the Video instead.


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