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PowerPoint Bundle – Let’s Spell Red


This PowerPoint Bundle is packed with fun and engaging things to see hear and do. The PowerPoints, the song, the worksheets and more. Everything you need to help your kids learn about the color word Red. See the description tab below for more details.

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Product Description

PowerPoint Bundle – Let’s Spell Red

The Let’s Spell Red PowerPoint Bundle is a complete lesson designed to help your preschool kids recognize, spell and write the color word Red. All the elements are tied into the fun, upbeat Learn-along song, Let’s Spell Red.


The song

Let’s Spell Red is a playfully jaunty song that inspires children to move and dance. The chorus is catchy and memorable with just the right amount of repetition to reinforce the main word. (Here’s a little secret though, your kids will learn other words as well.)

RD 2D-611

The song is in the mp3 format, playable on any iPhone/smartphone, iPad/tablet, laptop, desktop and lots of other devices. Copy it to a cd or thumb drive and take it with you wherever you go. By the way, as much as kids enjoy singing along with this song, they love it even more when you sing with them. Don’t be shy, you can do it!


The self-running PowerPoint

The song automatically plays in sync with the slides that are programmed into the self-running PowerPoint show.  Each slide contains color illustrations, photographs and clearly printed text that correspond to the lyrics in the song. You and your preschoolers sing along and spell along while simultaneously seeing the words and letters you are singing. So….while your kids are enjoying the show, they’re learning new stuff! Sneaky!

RD 1D-712

The manual PowerPoint

This PowerPoint allows you and your little ones to control the pace of the show. Manually click a slide to move to the next slide. Back up or skip forward. Read with your children. Discover new words. Explore and talk about new ideas, places and things. Slow down and be there….

*Note – The best way to play the PowerPoint show is on a computer that has Microsoft Office PowerPoint software installed. If you don’t have Microsoft Office PowerPoint software that’s ok. Try the Video Bundle instead.


Hands on stuff

We could go on and on about the usefulness of worksheets. Phrases like fine motor skills, handwriting readiness and problem solving come to mind. These are just a few of the necessary basic building blocks for your tiny tot’s tremendous tower of astonishingly ambitious academic achievement… But before we get too carried away, let’s just have fun.


RD WS - S4


This bundle contains 16 worksheets made specifically for preschoolers. Large print for easy tracing and finding. Big pictures for little hands to color. With your guidance, your kids will master a very important life skill…crayon control! Just think how happy your friends will be when you give them copies of your child’s worksheets as Christmas presents! 😉

*Note – The worksheets are in PDF format so you will need Adobe Reader to view and print them. You can download Adobe Reader for free here.



Three more items round out our PowerPoint Bundle.

  1. The song lyric sheet contains the lyrics to Let’s Spell Red in a simple document format.

  2. The teaching ideas are just a few suggestions for some learning activities to engage you and your kids.

  3. The technical instruction sheet won’t make your eyes glaze over, just a few helpful hints if you need them.


What’s included

Here’s a list of the things we put in the PowerPoint Bundle for you and your kids:

  • One PowerPoint show – self-running, just open it and it does the rest

  • One PowerPoint show – manual, just click a slide to advance to the next

  • One MP3 song file – playable on just about anything

  • 16 Worksheets – coloring, tracing, fun stuff

Bonus stuff

  • One Lyric sheet

  • Teaching ideas

  • Technical instructions

The only things you need to supply are the time and the love.


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