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MP3 – Let’s Spell Pink



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Let’s Spell Pink is a spirited and rollicking Learn-along song designed to help your preschoolers spell the color word pink. See the description tab below for more details.

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Product Description

MP3 – Let’s Spell Pink

Let’s Spell Pink is a story about a Pinkasaurus named Pink. (Ok, maybe there’s no such thing as a Pinkasaurus. Don’t tell the kids, ok?) Come along and find out about this very interesting and talented Pinkasaurus. The lyrics in this song encourage your children to sing along and entice them to spell the word pink. The chorus is memorable and predictable with just the right amount of repetition to reinforce the main word. (Here’s a little secret though, your kids will learn other words as well.)


PK 3D-13


The song is in the mp3 format, playable on any iPhone/smartphone, iPad/tablet, laptop, desktop and lots of other devices. Copy it to a cd or thumb drive and take it with you wherever you go. By the way, as much as kids enjoy singing along with this song, they love it even more when you sing with them. Try it, you’ll like it.


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