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All Ten Songs



In Let’s Spell Black we tag along with a happy family of four as they take a trip through the zoo. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!



When your little ones hear Let’s Spell Blue, they’ll want to fly with bluebirds, swim with blue whales and dance, dance, dance.



Let’s Spell Brown relates the joy and benefits of owning a brown dog. They’re playful, they’re enthusiastic, they’re loyal and sometimes…. mischievous.



In Let’s Spell Green we explore a whole world full of green. Pickles, pears and crocodiles, it really is a color that we see everywhere.



Come along in Let’s Spell Orange with a brother and sister as they discover all sorts of things that are orange. Goldfish, tigers and yams!



Let’s Spell Pink is a tale about a Pinkasaurus named Pink. (Ok, maybe there’s no such thing as a Pinkasaurus. Don’t tell the kids, ok?) Join in and find out about this very interesting and talented Pinkasaurus.



Let’s Spell Purple tells the story of a boy who loves everything purple. Well, almost everything. Find out what happens when his little brother decides to paint something purple!



We encounter a number of interesting things in Let’s Spell Red. Stop signs, apples, lobsters, fire trucks, even Rudolph’s nose.



Snowmen, snow forts and sledding, what could be more fun? Let’s have a “chilly willy fun day” in Let’s Spell White.



Let’s Spell Yellow recounts the amazing adventure of a group of friends who travel around the world in a yellow flying bus.


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