I'm the one on the right.

I’m the one on the right.

I’m Mike. I make digital educational/entertainment stuff for preschool kids. Music, videos, powerpoints (yes, powerpoints) worksheets and other stuff. My wife and kids help me. We enjoy working together and I love knowing that the things we create for preschoolers are fun and useful.

When preschool kids have fun, they learn more. It isn’t rocket science, just common sense. I know you know what I’m talking about.

A little background info…

My wife and I have three kids. Well, I guess technically they’re not kids, they’re grownups now. They were born about 18 months apart. So for a little while we had three preschoolers running around the house. They were so much fun. We played all the time. We read to them and played games and sang songs and played outside.

We tried to emphasize not only fun but discovery as well. A lot of the games we played and songs we sang were made up, but it was an attempt to teach the kids something along with having fun. Ok, sometimes the games and songs were an attempt to keep the kids occupied. Preschoolers have short attention spans and they get restless.

Our efforts to teach our pre-k kids were successful most of the time. Sesame Street helped. Seriously. Sesame Street. But with TV programming you don’t get to choose the subject matter or the process.

Rock Rhythm and Rhyme

Preschool children are, among other things, learning sponges. There are so many new things to discover and explore. They learn from every thing they see, hear, and do. With that in mind, I’ve created some products that will help your children learn from things they can see, hear and do.

With Rock Rhythm and Rhyme I want to offer you products that focus on a wide variety of specific subjects and concepts. I want you to be able to pick and choose from those products just the things that you need for your preschooler. That way you have control over what you introduce to your kids.

I’m going to release new products on Rock Rhythm and Rhyme on a regular basis. (I have a lot of cool ideas on the drawing board.) Please subscribe to Rock Rhythm and Rhyme Rewards to get exclusive subscriber only deals, discounts and lots of other cool stuff.

Rock Rhythm and Rhyme Rewards

One last thing

I certainly don’t claim to be an early childhood education expert just because I have three kids. (Awesome, smart, grownup kids) But I have learned a few things about helping pre-k kids discover, explore and learn new things.

I learned by being involved with their educational activities. By finding out what works and what doesn’t. That knowledge has helped me produce things that will help you and your pre-k kids.

I know you are already involved with your child’s education. You wouldn’t be here reading this if you weren’t. You know how important it is, and you care very much that your kids are successful and happy.

That’s awesome! I believe that parents can change the world by being the best parents they can be. That’s a worthy goal. Not an easy goal, but a worthy one.

I want the products I offer on Rock Rhythm and Rhyme to help. If you can think of any way that I can improve these products please drop me a line through the contact page.

Have Fun. Learn More.


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